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And now - here are the winners...
We had a fantastic response to this competition. A monster crop of monster poems. The top ten winners (chosen by Macmillan Children's Books) and the best fifteen runners up each receive a copy of The Monster That Ate the Universe by Roger Stevens. And the BEST overall entry will be published in an anthology by Brian Moses. Well Done! and a huge thank you to everyone who entered.





Your prizes are on their way. If you don't receive a prize in the next three weeks please contact the Poetry Zone at the usual address to let us know.

The Monster That Ate the Universe by Roger Stevens.  Order yours now!!!

The Monster That Ate the Universe by Roger Stevens
Illustrated by Jane Eccles
Published by Macmillan Children's Books

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FIRST PRIZE!!! Well done, Katherine.
You'll be in the Brian Moses anthology.

I'm the Best Monster Around by Katherine Brandt

My teacher yells and screams at me
Did you put glue in Sally's hair?
I smile and say
Why yes of course, do you see any other monsters here?

My mum looks crazed as she says
Did you spill the cream on dining room chair?
I grin evilly and say,
Why yes of course, do you see any other monsters here?

My nanny stomps her foot at me
Did you rip apart your sister's teddy bear?
I wrinkle my nose and say
Of course, do you see any other monsters here?

Being a monster is hard enough
When you live in this tiny town
But hey, at least I can say
I'm the best Monster around!

Brian Moses liked Emma's Monster Poem so much that it will also be
appearing in Brian's new anthology. Well done, Emma.

The Monsters by Emma Hjeltnes

Some are ugly
Some are tall,
Some are scary,
Some are small.
Some are difficult to see.
And some are in my family.

The Gruesland by Claudia Grigg-Edo (aged 11)

The sky was smudgered pink and blue
And the day was almost retidend.
The can-bird swoarsled up and through
The air which was dotted with flisend.

The chiddlers had been made aware
Not to tresk the swampishland.
Their growders had woard them to beware
Of the Gruesland´s mighty, clawed hand.

"For when!" the growders said with hain,
"For when one trumps off to swampishland,
One is nether, ether seen again,
But taken away by the Gruesland!"

One chiddler by the name of Jack
Was sickered of hearing this yoe.
He decided to scramper and not come back
'Til he had diefeated the foe.

He trumpered off to swampishland
Where he stort the malinvous beast.
After a trinight he forcovered the Gruesland
A'dreeping after a feast.

Then, blood red eyes and a terriful grin,
He had awakered, Jack turned pale.
His grimy hooves, his skimy skin,
His bloody horn, his muddy tail.

The Gruesland upraised his massive paw,
"Today you will diefinish!" he said.
But Jack dodgered the great claw
And struck the beast in the head.

There was joylyness in swampishland
Thanks to the chiddler, Jack.
He had diefeated the Gruesland,
It would nether ether come back.

The sky was smudgered pink and blue
And the day was almost retidend.
The can-bird swoarsled up and through
The air which was dotted with flisend.

The Monster? by Jamie Hodson (aged 9)

I turn off the lights…

I hear him
Brushing through the curtains
Clanking in the cupboard
Creaking through the cracks

I smell him
Reeking of rotten rubbish
Stinking of stale sweat
Whiffing of wild wickedness

I see him
A hairy hulk heaving up my ladder
A vicious viper slithering through the sheets
A spooky shadow hovering over my head

I turn on the light…

I hear him, smell him, see him

Jamie can I come in your bed…
I'm scared of monsters.

My Monster by Lilly Manzoni (aged 9)

my monster is a

but most of all
he is

Why Can't I Be Loved? by Tara Boyd (aged 11)

Please keep me as your pet
It's something that you won't regret.
Although I look big, spotty and fierce
Really I'm lovely, friendly and soft.

Please keep me as your pet
It's something that you won't regret.
People always stare, frown and glare
As I sit alone outside on the stair.

Please keep me as your pet
It's something that you won't regret.
I just want to be loved and held
By people who care for lonely monsters like me.

Stand High, Stand Tall by Neha Natasha Passi (aged 12)

It's not fair being me,
Standing tall they call me 'the monster tree'.
"You are so huge, so elephant-like.
You are always breaking our bikes"

So now I have moved,
But it is all the same.
It is the constant names, names, names.

I am a monster - aged four
Yet some people think I am fifty-four.
Yes, I am the size of the teachers
When I try to make friends my voice is like loud speakers.

So now I have moved,
But it is all the same.
It is the constant names, names, names.

I have lasted at Monster House prep for nine weeks.
It was awful today as I stood at the gates,
all the children gave out loud shrieks.
I fell out with my only friend - Thumb,
So it's the same old story, I have to report back to Mum.

So now I have moved,
But it is all the same.
It is the constant names, names, names.

In the playground I wanted to play,
But Bifur, Bombur and Bilbo screamed- "Go away!"
I tried to make friends I really did,
However I was always so enormous, so big.

So now I have moved,
But it is all the same.
It is the constant names, names, names.

I am now part of Monsjunior School,
They call me the mammoth, the hulk, but deep down,
I feel like an immense fool.
I have tried and tried, I want to give up.
Then, I hear a little voice in my head reminding me
to never give in and never give up.

So now I have moved,
But it is all the same.
It is the constant names, names, names.

I was not so bad at Monsjunior.
I was only as tall as the oldest junior.
So I had finally made some friends even if it was with the juniors.
But Big Bully Bucks told them I was only a minunior.

So now I have moved,
It is never the same,
But it is change after change, after change.

Here at Monto-school, I'm no longer the fool.
To name just a few Fang, Fizzle and Grrool.
We all make a group,
It is named after me - Mons Troop.
Yes, I am finally the leader, the champion of all.
We all stick together, stand high, stand tall.

Don't Tell Me A Monster's Coming To Get Me!
by Yo Yo Shiu (aged 9)

Monsters, monsters,
Sneaking around,
Do you hear that fearsome sound?
Clump, trump, thumpetty thump,
Monsters walk with an awful bump.

Monsters, monsters,
On the prowl,
I can hear a frightening growl!
Squeak, peek, creaketty creak,
I see a slimy hand! Eeeek!

Monsters, monsters,
Scaring kids,
Looking in beds, where children hid.
Gore, snore, racketty roar,
I don't think I can look anymore.

Monsters, monsters,
Look at it's size! Wow!
Oops, I'm in big trouble now...


The Monster by Christine Pollard (aged 11)

The monster has a shadow of a black hole,
Its teeth can give you a nasty bite,
Its eyes are squished into the sockets,
But its head is smaller than mine!

It can smell you when you are around,
It hears you walk up the drive,
It can jump higher than you,
But it's tiny!

It has hidden, deadly claws
It has bendy, thin spikes coming out of its head,
Which are extremely sensitive,
But I can easily kill it!

It is covered by fur of different colours,
It slinks around the dark streets,
It spits at me,
But I don't mean it any harm!

It has a long tail,
And very small feet,
It is a lot more vicious than you,
But it's only a cat!

The Monster Lurking In You by Olivia Jones (aged 11)

I'm in your brain,
I'm in your clothes,
I'm in your heart,
I'm in your clothes.

Every naughty thing you do,
They're all just monster presents,
From me to you.

When you try to be good,
For just a rare one off,
Me the little monster,
Gets you quickly back on track.

No-one knows I'm here,
Except of course for me,
Making you a monster,
So you can be like me.

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Dragon by Matthew Brennan (aged 7)

Your head is like an enormous mountain,
Your teeth are like gigantic knives,
Your eyes are huge boulders,
You have nostrils like craters from comets,
Your scales are sharper than the sharpest dagger,
Your talons are vicious killing machines,
You're a child-eater!
You have no weakness!
You are the beast of beasts!
Your face is all crumpled up and creased,
Your flames are red hot,
You ignite tobacco!
You have golden horns like a raging bull,
Your scales are caked in scarlet blood,
You sweep down quickly to catch your frightened prey,
When you spread your wings, you blot out the sky,
Your tail is a never-ending rope,
You dwell in a deep, dark cave
under a volcano filled with boiling, bubbling lava,
You have billions of green scales that glow in the light of your fiery breath!


The Monster in the Tower by Matt Knowles (aged 10)

I entered the ghostly tower.
It isn't so bad, I thought.
Then I turned to see a gruesome, green face
Its eyes hollows of madness,
And its mouth a gaping hole.

I galloped up the cold slimy stairs,
I kept running, I didn't think.
Scared out of my wits -
I hated it,
My heart began to sink.
I could hear the clank of its heavy black boots,
The sound of iron on stone.
And the fierce growling
Of the savage beast
And the clink of the chains on its coat.
I struggled to an open window,
But tripped on the uneven floor.
I turned to face
Its ghastly green face
And that was the last thing I saw.

Hidden Monsters by Katherine Brandt

She had tangled brown hair
And light blue framed glasses
She was clumsy despite all
The ballet dance classes
The epitome of un-cool
The geek, the nerd, the weirdo,
The monster of the school

She had blonde silky hair
And shimmering green eyes
And glossy lips and
And a fantastic disguise
The nastiest back stabber
The perfect smile shining like the sun
But she was the real monster
For she was the scary one

What's That Down There by Michaela Denton (aged 10)*

What's that down there?
What's that moving?
What's that moving down in the dark
Of this chilly black maze of a cave?

Is it Aleachim?
The half dragon and half phoenix
With black strong silky wings
And fur as white as a ghost?

What's that down there?
What's that moving?
What's that moving down in the dark
Of this chilly black maze of a cave?

Is it Edja?
The half lion and half unicorn
With a roar as loud as thunder
And skin as bright as a light?

What's that down there?
What's that moving?
What's that moving down in the dark
Of this chilly black maze of a cave?

Is it Elchar
The half gorilla and half bat
With wings as big as a tunnel
And fur as black as the night?

What's that down there?
What's that moving?
What's that moving down in the dark
Of this chilly black maze of a cave?

*Please send us your address, Michaela.

Under My Bed by Stephanie Watson (aged 12)

I know a thing,
But only one,
I used to be scared,
But now it's gone

With matted hair,
And glistening eyes,
It used to make me,
Scream and cry.

It was ten foot tall,
With a horrid grin,
And fields for feet,
The sight was grim.

Its belly was big,
Its hands were black
Its mouth was as round,
As Santa's sack.

It came one night,
And sat on my bed,
It opened sharp jaws
And it said -

"I like your bed,
I like your room,
But my home,
Is the Black Lagoon

With mouldy logs
and stinky mud,
I should be there,
And I maybe could,

I'll need your help,
To get me there.
So off we went,
Creeping down the stairs.

The night was cold,
The sky was dark,
We set off
To the National Park.

We got there and
I got scared,
Because of all the,
Wolves and bears.

But as we got
Through the trees I saw
A monster like him
And more and more.

We waited in
The bushes there,
They were huge,
And we were scared.

It started to move,
So we walked nigh,
The leader let out,
One big sigh.

After a while,
The leader said,
"Did you used to live,
Under this girls bed?"

It slowly shook its head,
And cried,
"I did but then,
I nearly died,

I had no friends,
or home or food,
I used to eat
The fire wood."

The leader sat,
And this he said,
"You may join us,
Upon our bed."

And as I looked past,
I could see,
A bed which laid,
around forty three.

The monsters turned,
And then one cried,
"It's time for bed,"
And they all went wild.

So all the monsters
Have their home,
and I have mine,
And I'm not alone.

So I'll say good bye,
And wait and hope,
That there are no monsters,
How should I cope?

The Elephant Man by Heather Chung (aged 10)

My poem begins some centuries ago,
When baby Joseph Merrick was born into a life of woe.
At five, parts of his body underwent metamorphosis,
Later diagnosed as Neurofibromatosis.
Disfigured, deformed and teased wherever he went,
Sadly, he became known as the Elephant Man.

His poor mother, bless her heart, she loved him all she could,
But at his tender age of eleven, she left this world for good.
Forced to earn his keep, selling shoe-black and making cigars
His oversized head and thick lumpy skin were some of his many marks.
A self-educated man with many a thought to share,
Was treated terribly with contempt, more so than he could bear.
Working as a circus freak while in poor health,
His trusted friend, an Austrian rogue, stole all his wealth.
With pendulous skin flaps and a ponderous head,
He eventually ended in a London Hospital bed.
Pained and distressed at this disability grotesque,
He died a lonely and wretched death.
Viewed as a monster, a victim ostracized from society.
His whole life was fruitless, nothing but a misery.

Demon Distress by Sarah-Lynn Robinson (aged 12)

It came creeping upon us on a dark and dreary night.
I don't know how to explain it, it was just an awful sight!
It had magnificent, monstrous eyes, and terrible, titanic* teeth,
And in its toes and fingers, sharp claws were hidden beneath!
It started ingesting the universe, no one knew what to do.
We thought no one would survive, not even me or you.
It turned, tiptoeing towards our planet, jaws open wide.
People started screaming, then ran away to hide.
It ate other planets just like apples, spitting out their core,
It was an unwelcome guest, on which nobody could shut the door.
Then suddenly out of nowhere, a blinding flash of light
Came brightening up the sky, piercing through the night!
And there in front of us was, ...I, I don't know who.
I really wish I did, but I have not a single clue.
But whatever it was, it came right in the nick of time,
Just like a superhero, coming to fight against the crime.
Then there right before us, a big battle began,
You could see it from Canada, you could see it from Japan!
The battle went on through bruises, beatings, and bumps,
Then finally the monster fell with an echoing "THUMP"!
On a nearby planet, it died and rotted away,
And that's the true story, I tell to you today!

* titanic meaning huge

Monsters, Monsters Everywhere by Nathan Western (aged 10)

Monsters, monsters everywhere,
Hide in cupboards under stairs.
Under sleeping children's beds,
Waiting to bite off their heads.

Down the chimney monsters creep,
To eat the children in their sleep.
The wicked glint in monsters eyes,
Mean 'It's the children we despise.'
They eat the children every one,
Leaving only dad and mum.
There are different monster breeds,
But it's on kiddies they all feed.

So little children do look out,
When the monsters are about!

Marvin Monster by Melissa Tobin (aged 10)

Marvin Monster was a useless monster,
he couldn't scare anyone.
So his Mother sent him to Monster School.
She told him it wasn't just for fun.

When he met the teacher, she said,
"Here are the rules.
You have to do them every day,
especially at school."

They tell you what is wrong and right.
Here's a tip. Use rule number two only at night.

1. You need sharp teeth for eating people.
If the biting doesn't work, just push them off a steeple.

2. Don't even knock or ring the bell.
Just barge right in and make a smell.

3. Be sure to bite the really gross bits off your toenails.
If you bite them long enough, you'll soon have no nails.

4. Roll around three times in the dung of a cow.
You'll smell sweet but get out of here now!

So, today Marvin Monster is no longer being taunted.
The monsters who teased him are now being haunted.

There is a Monster in my House by Ebony Carmichael (aged 13)

There is a monster in my house but I'm not scared
There is a monster in my house but I can take it on
There is a monster in my house but it can't hurt me
There is a monster in my house but it only comes out in the mornings
There is a monster in my house and it doesn't live in the closet
There is a monster in my house big and scary
There is a monster in my house it lives there
There is a monster in my house. She scars me sometimes
There is a monster in my house and its my BIG sister

The Monster by Heather Wong (aged 11)

Once I saw a monster,
Big and fat and green,
He was at the cinema,
But covered up the screen.

I kindly said "Young gentleman,
Would you be so kind,
To move along right to the back,
Because we can't see behind."

I'd never seen a monster,
I'd learnt to use my manners,
But when he turned his hairy head,
He tangled up the banners.

He was ugly for a monster,
I'd had one for a pet,
Mine was pretty tiny,
But still frightened the vet.

He blinked his gigantic scary eyes,
And twitched his wart full nose,
And with the largest, loudest voice,
He said "Can I be your friend?"

The monster was really friendly,
But I think that you will find,
It doesn't matter what you look like,
It's how it is inside!

Monster Blues by Nicole Braganza

I don't quite feel all right
I'm in no state to go to school
Three of my tentacles don't move
And trust me, that isn't so cool

My skin has turned a sickly green
And I'm feeling rather blue
My ear-wax tastes real funny
And there isn't a thing I can do

My nose it feels all squishy
And my pooper tube's so prickly
Oh why do I have to go to school?
I feel so weak and sickly

My mama monster wakes me up
You say, "Its Saturday??"
I seem to feel much better now
I think I will go out and play!

The Minotaur by Christopher Hobson (aged 9)

He dwells in the labyrinth,
He feeds on the dead,
He burns with fiery evil breath
and chops of people's heads.

He is half man and half bull
and his horns lead to death.
He charges down man after man
and kills them there and then.

Along comes a hero prince
and his name is Theseus.
He pulls of the monster's horn
and destroys the Minotaur

The Monster That Roams the Universe
by Lucy Jia Lu Tang (aged 9)

Its tiny cough will make the Earth shake wildly
Its sweeping move will make the stars scatter widely
Its single sneeze will make the Sun chill mildly
Its smelly breath will make Jupiter spin madly
It's a mighty creature of power

It uses the Moon as a flash lighter
It uses the Stars as its hair clips
It uses the Sun as its space heater
It uses Jupiter as its toy yo-yo
It's a mighty creature of Intelligence

It has no age and lives forever
It has no family and lives alone
It has no friends and lives lifeless
It has no enemies and lives fearless
It's a mighty creature of mystery

It frequents those who perceive
It frightens those who believe
It fascinates those who fairy
It's the monster that roams the universe

Monster Ness by Georgia Hunter (aged 9)

I went to Loch Ness in such a rush
I wanted to see about all the fuss
As I walked through the forest, it looked very lush
And when I reached the water I decided to hush

I stood at the Loch in the middle of the night
As I watched very closely I got a big fright
Rising out from the water with all his might
Was a huge tartan MONSTER with a RAZER SHARP bite!

Oh whew! I was wrong... it was a trick of the light

He lives at the bottom way down deep
But most of the day he spends it asleep
If you go at midnight and quietly creep
at the edges of the Loch you may get a peep

Or- he may jump out and eat you in one flashing leap!

As I tiptoed round the Loch along by the stream
Then, thank goodness I woke up and it was all a dream

But, look, my feet were all muddy! What did that mean?

Monster Ballad by Robyn

There is a monster in my closet
I'm not sure what to do
There's a monster under my bed
And a monster in my shoe

They're tall and small
Some squat some not
Their icy stares
Burn red hot

One has pink hair
Down to his knees
Another one likes
To cough and sneeze

I'm under attack!
I swear it's true
These creatures of fright
Would make you crazy, too

The one in my closet
Needs a dentist quite bad
Yet they all sing together
Their gruesome ballad

"We are the monsters,
The creatures of night.
We have arrived
To bring you some fright!"

"Here we sit singing
In the corners of your room.
Blood, guts and horror
We bring you your doom!"

Scaring me under my covers
On and on they do chant!
Hugging my puppy quite tightly
He lets out a quick pant

So I do beg your assistance
I plead for your help
Have you some water?
Will they melt?

There is a monster in my closet
I'm not sure what to do
There's a monster under my bed
And a monster in my shoe

Little Monsters by Dana Walshaw (aged 11)

All monsters are mean and frightening,
Never to be trusted.
Some can look harmless and hairy
But deep down…
They are MONSTERS.

Big or small, they could be lurking
Behind a wall or in a bin.
You never know what could waken
Their true feelings…
They are MONSTERS.

Every one of them is unique
In the way they scare
Anyone and everyone they choose to meet.
Instantly their faces tell you…
They are MONSTERS.

All monsters are mean and frightening,
Except me!
I am The LITTLE Monster
That no one's scared of.
I'm cute but naughty, that's me!

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No Prizes I'm afraid - but still very good poems. Well done!

Monster Alert by Hannah Solomons (aged 12)

I'll tell you something,
You won't believe your eyes.
It's deadly and terrifying,
You'll be in for a big surprise!

Its complexion is a dusky yellow,
Its breath is of milk gone off,
It makes my stomach hurl,
When it lets out a rasping cough.

Its shadow is a bony figure,
Covered in a lime-coloured smock.
Its blood-shot eyes widen,
Making you gasp with shock.

When it stomps back and forth,
It makes me shiver with fear.
It makes me squirm and shake.
The thought of it being so near.

I'm guessing you haven't identified it,
Well here's another clue.
Most children have to cope with one and
It may be coming to a school near you!

I'm sure you've guessed it by now,
The thought of it makes you shudder,
I'm sure you've heard tales of green-faces monsters,
But the one and only real monster is…


The Monster In My Room by Adrian Cheng (aged 10)

There's a monster in my room
Who roams around at night
I always hear him moaning
Which gives me such a fright

I have never actually seen him
Although I have looked night and day
He must be pretty smart
To keep out of my way

I wonder what he looks like
He could be fat or thin
I wonder if he is friendly
I wish I could meet him

I have suddenly had a thought
That the monster might just be
NOT a man at all
But HE could be a SHE!

Lonely by Amelia Katz (aged 9)

Rising from the depths was the monster green and blue.
Ghosts writhing around it shouting BOO!

As the monster oozed out of baths, sinks and toilets
it scared people to their ends.

But she was only lonely
Oh, who would be her friends?

The Monster by Ariel J. Fulmer (aged 13)

I'm scared to death, what could it be?
I think it's a monster after me.
Its hairy body and wet nose,
Are rooting around in my clothes.
Out of the closet, here it comes
I'm so nervous, I'm twiddling my thumbs.
I'm getting prepared under my covers.
I can just imagine, over me it hovers.
I decide that it's true, I must peek.
I try to be brave but I'm so quiet and meek.
Watching its shadow, it's ready to pounce,
It jumps on my bed with a big bounce.
Suddenly I find it's not out to hurt or clobber,
Because it's my dog, now I'm covered in slobber!

The Fear by Malachy Cole

Monsters, monsters I hear them everywhere
I hear them in the cupboards, I hear them under the stairs.
I'm feeling kind of chilly it makes me feel sad
I might be crazy I might be going mad.
Monsters, monsters they seem like dirty thieves
Monsters, monsters they steal your presents on Christmas Eve
Oh no they're opening the door
I find a secret passage it's hidden in the floor.
I quickly run inside
Ouch what did I just hit?
Oh no, it was a monster.
I am in such pain
I know let's play a game
The monster is a rocket and I am a plane
Crash, crash I say
Then I run straight past it
I feel so good until I run out the tunnel
I start to shake I start to rumble
What have I done I say.
I'm totally manic
I start to get scared I start to panic.
I land in a graveyard
I start to run I hit a grave I hit it hard!
I start to run and then I tumble
Into a hole as the ground starts to crumble
A hand reaches out and grabs my head!
Oh my god ii think I'm dead
But then I wake up and I'm safe in my bed.

The Monster's Snore by Imogen Longley (aged 9)

In my bedroom, late at night
the lights were out, my eyes shut tight
Suddenly I hear a sound - was there something on the ground?
I opened my eyes, looked in the gloom
could there be something in my room?
I froze in fear, looked at the ceiling
and that is when I heard the breathing
It sounds like a monster's snore
coming from somewhere near the floor
and then it stopped and all fell still
but now I felt this clammy chill
I leapt from the bed, ran to the door
and then I saw my Labrador
sleeping quietly beneath my bed
my teddy propped against his head.

One Day I Met A Monster by Anna Owens (aged 11)

One day I met a monster,
And guess what it said?
"Excuse me dear,
I feel quite queer,
I seemed to have lost my head!"

To my surprise
I wasn't scared
So I looked under the bed
It wasn't there but what I found
will haunt me 'til I'm dead!

Another monster in my room!
I thought it was going to be my doom.
I gave a yelp when I heard a crash
It was my mum spilling the gravy and mash

The Google by Eliza Grace Rooney (aged 8)

He has three glaring eyes,
He has five arms that dangle,
At night he flies around.

His favourite meal is children and chips,
He is covered in hair and blood,
The Google has violet lips,
His feet are covered in warts.

The Google is twenty-nine foot,
His toe nails are as big as a house,
His heart is made out of steel,
The Google brain is the size of a pea.

The Google smells of rotten eggs,
When it is dark out of his lair he comes,
I beg and beg and beg,
Please don't hurt me I said.

The Monster Spy by Jacqueline Frances Crawford (aged 9)

One day when I was in the woods,
I heard a beastly cry,
I saw a thing in black and white,
It was a monster eye.

I thought about it day and night ,
And wondered what to do,
I thought and thought with all my might,
And searched to find a clue.

I came up with a conclusion,
Though I thought it very sly,
But there was only one solution,
To find the monster spy.

One day when I was in the woods,
I heard a beastly cry,
I saw a man, he said hello,
I am the monster spy.

He stood there ready net in hand,
And flung it over me,
I felt my hand with a scaly surprise!
I am the monster…

Could it be?

The Monster that Ate the Universe by Samantha Graham (aged 9)

At night, before sleep, I get scared,
I close the wardrobe and look under the bed.

I look out of the window in fright,
Do you think it will happen tonight?

I call Mum, again, and start to weep,
She says "It's nothing, Bugalugs, go to sleep."

At last I drift off under my bright lamp
But wake in a panic, all damp.

It's dark. A monster ate the universe! Am I dead?
Oh what relief! It's just my blanket fallen over my head!

The Monster That Ate the Universe by Armaan Katyal (aged 9)

Out of the murky depths of the Sahara sand dunes, like a rapid motor
Emerged a horrid shapeless monster called IT
IT ate everything he saw,
First IT started to eat the sand, even though it was boiling hot
IT went into the city and ate trams, houses, cars, trains, buses and all the people in them
IT went to the sea and drank all the seawater including the ships
The sailors, the sharks and whales and all the little fishes.
Next IT went into the mountains and ate the hills and trees
No one could stop IT but seven kids, who came out of the clouds,
They all battled the evil being till IT screamed aloud
IT fought back like a stubborn warrior but the kids had the Power of Heaven
As well as lots of experience in dealing with monsters like this
Both sides were evenly matched and the battle went on and on
Through the night the kids did fight
Until sunrise dawned and the monster started getting tense
Because the kids had got power and sense
To surround the monster with their bravery
The monster began getting dumber and number
Soon IT dropped off in a slumber
The whole world cheered the seven heroes
Who made the monster look like a zero
Off into the clouds they flew carrying IT away
And the Universe was saved for all of us today.

The Monster That Ate the Universe by Robert Bateman (age 10)

There once was a monster named Judo.
He ate the planet Pluto.
He found a friend named Lars.
They ate the planet Mars.
Then they looked up in delight
And said, I'm going to eat that light!

The Monster Who Ate the Universe by Andrew Hunter (aged 10)

Once there was a monster named Bob.
He was a very big slob.
He really, really loved to eat.
His favorite food was lizard meat.
Every time he came by,
Every lizard would run and hide.
He could never find any food.
That put him in a bad mood.
Then he tried to make a soup.
He invited a monster group.
When they tried it, they all went home.
Then he was all alone.
Then he looked up in great delight.
He said, "I will eat everything in sight!"
He ate the sun, stars and moon.
Everything was gone very soon.
Then when he got home, he was very happy.
He took a long, hundred year nap-py.

What My Monsters Daily Do by Daan Ris (aged 9)

This is not a fairy -
my monsters are very hairy.
Ugly and green,
don't want to be seen,
living on the Northern coast
eating huge amounts of eyeballs with toast.
Hereafter satisfied and full
taken by a dragon to the monster school
The monsters are students, too
so everyone knows what to do.
The teacher will then start
showing them how to fart.
For this they eat tons of onion rings
before the smell comes out of their things.
After lunch no one does care
to clean and wash its underwear.
Monster-maths is taught in the afternoon,
then they're tired and want to go home soon.
After school, just for fun,
it's scaring people and making them run.
When it's time for tea
a finger is eaten and a tree!
Next they go to bed for a rest
that's what they actually love best

Monster Mania by James O'Connor (aged 9)

I like the monster that lives under my bed
He is my friend and I call him Fred.
I lay in bed on a very dark night
Out popped Fred and gave me a fright.

"Don't be afraid," my monster announced
then on to my bed he jumped and bounced.
"I won't hurt you I want to be your friend
so you don't get in trouble your bed I will mend".

So he cast a fixing spell and the bed was good as new
"Thank you very much I will be friends with you".
The very next morning I thought it was a dream
but then I saw Fred and I began to scream.

Then I remembered the talk we had and smiled
Because Fred is very friendly and not at all wild.
After we had breakfast it became a sunny day
So me and my friendly monster went outside to play.

When my friends saw Fred they all were petrified
"Mummy, Mummy, Mummy," they ran home and cried.
Now my only friend is Fred and I am very glad
I don't care what people think because I am monster mad.

Monsters by Jacqueline

There's something lurking
Behind that door.
And there's another
Upon my floor.

Inside the closet,
Underneath the bed.
Monsters are hiding,
Eyes glowing red.

They creep about
My room at night.
Then disappear,
When I turn on the light.

Silent shadows
In dark sneak around.
But during the day
Never to be found.

Fat One by Aditi Minocha (aged 7)

A monster named FAT-ONE,
Looked much like a bun,
As he weighed a ton,
And he simply couldn't run.

He used to eat a lot,
And go often to the pot!

Once he saw that there was no more food,
He said, "Oh, dear, that can't be too good,
Let me get the universe to eat,
That will give me a ton of meat,
I will get full until next May,
And I can sleep each and everyday"

"But then it will become all dark,
There will be no house, no park,
The sun and the moon will be in my tummy,
Its sounds so scary, I want my mummy"

Forget it, I'll just have my tea and toast,
They will fill me up only a little at most,
I'll just stick to a little snacky,
The dust and rocks of the universe could get too yucky."

"Oh, well, I am done
To eat so much is not that fun
I don't want to weigh a ton,
I'd so much like the name SLIM ONE"

Monster Munchy by Alysha Bhatti (aged 9)

Monster Munchy
Loved her food
All day long
She munched and chewed

She ate the beef
And ate the bacon
'Til the last scrap
Had been taken

Fish and chips
She ate and ate
Soon she was

Strawberry jam
And plum jelly
Went into her
Big fat belly

In went chocolate
Doughnut treats
Topped up with
Cakes and sweets

Pastry, pies
And apple tart
Blocked the blood
And slowed her heart

Munchy was now
Tired and lazy
Her memory was
Blurred and hazy

The bulky blob
Could move no more
As she lay trapped
In the door

This was enough!
This love of food.
Mummy Monster
Had to intrude

Munchy was sent
To the gym
To exercise
And to slim

Up and down
Over the vaults
Rollovers and

Jogs and runs
To shape the bum
Swimming strokes
To tone the tum

Munchy made a
Fresh new start
Her mission was
To get smart

Monster of fat
Thinned and died
Munchy was now

Crisps and chocolate
Went to the bin
Monster Energy
Was ready to begin.

Her diet changed
To healthy greens
Carrots, tomatoes
And baked beans

She could soon
Fulfill her dream
To play netball
For the school team.

For now she was
Lean and Steady
To take the challenge
She felt ready.

Greed by Dhara Shah (aged 12)

A monster that wants forever more,
Even if it's against the law,
It makes people cheat and lie,
Whether they are a girl of guy.

A monster that drives you insane,
All it brings is not the joy but pain,
It's the cause of crime and suffering,
And a very evil yearning,

A monster that has wicked ways,
And everyone is in its gaze,
It is part of the devil too,
The monster is inside of you.

Fright of the Night by Ellie Rapaport (aged 12)

Tortured by the daylight
Active through the night.
Creeping, crawling, crouching, stalking
All to his delight.

Fiery breath & bulging eyes
Not a pretty sight.
Children beware, you're in for a scare,
It might just be tonight!

Shadows flicker on the wall
Magnified by the lamp.
Footsteps on the carpet,
From a shuffle to a stamp.

A head peers round, who's that I see?
Is it my mum, coming to check on me?

My Monster by Maisie Calcutt (aged 11)

Monsters are 'supposed' to be,
Green and googly eyed.
Their home is apparently 'under your bed'
Where land is 'mystified!'

Forget all that rubbish
People put into your head!
What about the children (like myself)
Who have drawers underneath their bed?

Now I know the truth,
But read on only if you want to know,
The secrets of the hidden monsters,
And what they have to show.

Once, when strolling through my house,
I must not omit to say,
Was the scariest sight I'd seen in my life,
In the bathtub, that day.

It was as black as a creepy alleyway,
As silent as a spy,
As flexible as rubber,
Rebellious to die.

Now I must not speak its name,
But you probably would do,
But for every single one of you (or most of)
Have met their monsters too!

The Monster Under My Bed by Charlotte Allen (aged 11)

There is a monster under my bed a mysterious shadowy monster.
Some nights it lies in wait, ready to pounce as I get into bed.
I can see its shape in the dim light as I stand at the door - a humanoid,
shadowy figure.
I wonder what type of monster it is: friend or foe, cruel or kind either way,
it still threatens me, tormenting me with its dark grabbing arms.
I take a running jump as high and as long as I can and land safely on my bed.
The monster is still under my bed, ready to grab me if I stray but my bed is
my sanctuary.
My quilt envelops me like a mother's warm embrace
And despite being to hot, I stay under cover and safe from…
The monster under my bed.

My Monster by Sarah Whittick (aged 12)

My monster is made of a slimy, purple flubber,
He has bright, vibrant, orange tufts of fluff that sprouts from his body when
he becomes irritated,
His four lime, green eyes terrify his prey as the red specks in his eyeball
analyze his victim,
He has no mouth or nose but he breathes through air holes in the flubber,
His arms are bright, shocking lightning bolts that frizzle, fry and
electrocute his victim,
He only wears a murky, yellow baseball cap back-to-front that spins so fast
it strikes the victim on his head knocking them clean off their feet,
My monster is actually a big softy but he has this defence as a precaution.

Monster by Talya Finke

I may not be tall, I'm small as can be
But size doesn't matter if you're thinking of me

I can fly in the sky, I can swim in the sea
I can do all that just because I'm me

I could be a desk or a cake or a key
One day you'll know not yet, you can't see me

You can't escape me, he or she
Have you got


Monsters by Rose Acton (aged 11)

Mean, cold green eyes stare a piercing glare,
Ogre so cruel and wicked,
Nasty sharp claws like spikes that can trap,
So scary the monster is, It
Terrifies and paralyses everyone with fear,
Evil surrounds his very being,
Razor sharp teeth like fangs ugly, yellow and rotten.

Monsters, Monsters all around,
Lets hope you don't bump into one under the ground!!!

My Monster by Saira Akhtar (aged 11)

Most people think that monsters
Are as scary as can be
Horrible, icky, slimy, gooey,
Everyone but me.

My monster is cute
(He hasn't always been that way)
I found him on a rubbish heap
One Saturday.

You see I was walking down the road
When I heard a dreadful sound
I looked onto the rubbish heap
And my monster I had found.

I ran over to him
He seemed very clever
I picked him up and then I knew
We would be friends forever.

He was strangely coloured
Just like a rainbow
Red to violet, violet to red
From head to toe.

We happily skipped home
And played for hours and hours
In the house, in the garden
Sitting in the flowers.

I taught him lots of things
Over the next few weeks
Like how to draw and how to paint
And even how to speak.

My monster taught me all about
The wonderful Monster language
He also taught me how to make
A monster cheese sandwich.

As soon as we could communicate
Without much difficulty
My monster told me all about
Himself and his family.

So early the next day
We set off to find
My Monster's family
That he had left behind.

He had come to find help
When all hadn't gone as planned
And so his family were trapped
In some faraway land.

And now the whole monster family
Brother, sister, mum and dad
Live with me and my family
And I am very glad.

Night by Charlotte Bailey (aged 11)

I feel the thoughts swirling in my mind
My eyes begin to droop
The lights switch
And the bed beckons me

As my eyes close…
The dreamy wonderland opens
I enter, slightly apprehensive
Excited about the results
Not knowing what it will bring.

Lovely thoughts swirl around me
I love my new dreamy home
Clouds and sunshine light up my eyes
Not knowing what it will bring.

I begin to swizzle
Not able to stop
I am helpless
What can I do?

The devil awaits me
His horns alight
What can I do I am helpless
Not knowing what it will bring!

The Mars-like Monster by Matthew Wood (aged 12)

He stood out like a blazing fire in a forest
His skin scattered with red spots
Underneath a scaly orange
His six eyes stared at you
Like an owl watching its prey
The monster's nose was
More pointy than that of a witch
And yet he was a funny character
He put his nose in the air
And started sniffing
It made you laugh
He was a stubby creature
He had short legs
They were more bulky than a weight lifters arms
Instead of walking
He waddled back and fore
His falling over made you snigger
His flaming red hair stood up
Like he had been electrocuted
His high pitched voice
Was like a dolphin
There was no doubt he came
From Mars

The Monster Who Cried by Amelia Heaton (aged 9)

Monster, Monster do not cry, for you are ten today.
We will celebrate your birthday, if we can stay all day!

We can play pass the parcel and lots of other things,
There will be lots of presents that all your friends will bring.

After all that fun and food to eat it will be afternoon,
We will be sad because it's time to go home very soon!

So do not cry, oh monster please, for you can see it's clear,
That we will have FANTASTIC fun on YOUR day EVERY year!

Monsters by Johanna Murray (aged 8)

Monsters, monsters, everywhere
Big and small
Black and brown
They're so ugly
I can't bear to stare!

Monsters by Leo Murray (aged 10)

monsters everywhere
big & small
green & greedy
brown & boring
red & spiky
black & evil
silver & metal
gold & shiny
rich & poor.

Monsters in Love by Ruth Suter (aged 9)

Monster was my best friend,
But my monster's love will always never end.

Monster love is there and true
But the monster's love will always be with you.

Monster's heart is beating very fast
That was in love with you.

Monster's heart is beating so hard
That bits will fall on you.

Monster is in love with me
That the monster is beside me.

What do I look like? by Ellie Platten (aged 9)

Green and fluorescent pink spots,
Bright blue stripes and golden sequins,
Shoes of purple silk and a skirt of straw and hay,
Thin as a stick yet as big as a balloon,
A big, big monster,
And it lives in the sea,
Have you guessed who it is yet?


Monster, Monster by Akash Bharadia (aged 9)

Monsters, Monsters big and small,
Monsters, Monsters short and tall.
Some are hairy some are scary,
Some aren't furious at all!

Monsters, Monsters fat and thin,
Monsters, Monsters out and in.
Some are hungry some are not,
Some even live in my bin!

Monsters, Monsters red and blue,
Monsters, Monsters the same colour as you.
Some are slimy some are scaly,
Some that like to chew, chew, chew!

My Pet Monster by Chloe Elizabeth Choppen (aged 11)

My pet monster is...
Purple with orange spots,
And eats tiny tots.
It jumps and squirms,
Just like a wiggling worm.

My pet monster is...
Cuddly and round
And makes a crunching sound.
It has curly horns either side
And cleans them with pride.

My pet monster is...
Mean and ruthless,
And is sadly toothless.
It has tiny legs sticking out
And an incredibly long snout.

My pet monster is...

The Monster That Ate the Universe by Libby Fearn (aged 12)

A monster ate the universe
And all the people in sight
The rich and the poor
The orphans and the homeless
Adults and elderly too.

Then it moved onto the houses of England
Chewing on them like a dog gnaws a bone
After that it moved onto America and
Ate the Statue of Liberty and all
The skyscrapers too.

Then it moved off Earth and onto
The big red planet Jupiter and ate the big red spot
And from there it moved to the coldest planet of
all time and the name of a cartoon dog
Named Pluto!

Then it moved onto an unknown world
And ate to its heart's content
But very soon it became fed up of not having any meat
So it decided it was going to....

And this is the end of the universe
No one or nothing has lived
So say goodbye to the place we know
And anything we would have known.

Jumpy Junker by Rebecca Gilhooly (aged 9)

Jumpy the Junker monster,
Comes to play,
Jumps all the way ,
To play with his best friend Trevor.
They ran up the slide
They slid down the slide
They banged their heads on the concrete wide,
"I think I had enough, junkyard time!"
Trevor did not go but wondered
Why he liked the junkyard so much.

Could I read those monster poems again, please?